Monday, 20 June 2011

What in heaven's name is The Trinity?

Last Sunday was Trinity Sunday. Herewith a go as to what it all means.

(Remember, The willingness to be wrong is all!)

Thomas Aquinas put forward the idea that God is one substance that has three relationships, but that the relationships constitute the very nature of the substance.
This view of the Trinity suggests that essence of Salvation (or becoming ultimately safe and fulfilled) is not based on belief, but on relationship.
Salvation comes from our relationship with God.
Our task is not to literally ‘make disciples of all people’, but really to be in relationship with all people.
The power (God) is in the relationship.
In quantum physics, more and more it is the relationship between particles that is interesting.
God is therefore not something that we can understand with our minds, but know by being a part of a relationship.
Salvation is that readiness, that capacity that willingness to stay in that relationship with God.

Well that's what I thought on Sunday anyway!

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  1. Hi Nick - I saw this reference on Facebook and had a look.. this is a view of the Trinity that I can relate to! I don't believe in the literal version. I liked your interpretation of salvation too. Both those concepts are things I usually react to however these I love the idea of it being about relationship.